Team Members

The Liquid Archaeology team is composed of like minded divers who have a passion for diving and history alike. We leverage our diverse backgrounds to study wrecks and have fun underwater!

The Liquid team works with archaeologists in different countries to dive, explore, document and research shipwrecks and other underwater features. All of our projects are approved through government license and reports when complete are available to the public via our website.

All members of Liquid Archaeology must be NAS trained and demonstrate exceptional bouyancy, trim and other key diving skills. We pride ourselves on minimal impact to the project environment as well as the preservation and protection of wreck sites.

Associate members are those who are not full members and either may not yet have the certifications required to participate in underwater work or are brought onto a specific project to fill a special need.

Team Members

Chris Phinney Project Director
Bryan Thomas Dive and Safety Coordinator
John Millar Researcher / Safety Diver / Boat Driver
Chris Moore Videographer / Sketch Artist
Oren Levstein Survey Diver

Associate Members

Chris Farrell Support Diver

Past Team Members / Associate Members

Liquid Archaeology Supporters

Photo by Warren Lo - 2008