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Trips that team members have been on diving elsewhere in the world.

Southern Trail Unmoored

ST Buoy 
Southern Trail Mooring Buoy

It was a cold and blustery sunday morning, so John Millar and Chris Phinney decided to visit an old friend and take down a project buoy for the season. The trip to the Southern Trail was quick at first with Chris at the helm, the inflatable skimmed over the chop easily. Once out of the Leslie Street Spitt’s lea, the trip slowed down as one meter swells rolled in. Piloting a zig zag course to compensate, the trip was completed without too many spine shattering bumps, taking only a few minutes longer than usual. ST Buoy

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Sligo Revisited

November 2007 – Team members of Liquid Archeology helped SOS Toronto with some preparations for a forthcoming survey of the Sligo. As many divers have noted lately, the long time resident of Humber Bay is deteriorating and SOS is planning to re-examine the remains for comparison to previous surveys.

Sligo sternpost

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