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Trips that team members have been on diving elsewhere in the world.

Marea del Portillo Cuba 2009

This is part 1 of a multi part video series for a dive vacation to Marea del Protillo, in Granma Provice of Cuba. The trip was in April 2009, excellent weather, diving and an all around good time. No dive footage in this first video but shows the resort, a few types on rooms, entertaintment, etc.

Subsequent videos will be posted for each dive I did there.
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Rough Ride, Great Dive

 A group from Liquid Archaeology was invited by SOS Toronto to visit the schooner  barge Sligo. The goal for the night? To complete a set of measurements for SOS Toronto’s wreck monitoring program. The winds were out of the south west which is not good for this site. With over 50 km of open lake for the wind to blow across there is a lot of wave potential. 

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Sunday at Humber Bay

 Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and the whole Liquid team actually got out to Humber Bay to meet and dive. As the team arrived another group was just leaving and we were able to squeeze into the parking spaces in front of the gate. To our surprise we had our own professional photographer. Warren Lo was on hand shooting “divers” and there we were.

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Still Diving, Keeping Skills Sharp

While none of the team officially have an off season. Things certainly slow down in winter with the holidays, weather issues and equipment maintenance. When we can get in the water, conditions are not always ideal to perform surveys. We end up tweaking gear configurations, trying new toys and all importantly we practice skills and bouyancy.

Humber Jan 08
Photo by Warren Lo

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