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Toasty Feet

 I have found what I believe to be a winning footwear combination for winter diving. After most low temperatures dives my feet are like blocks of ice. It takes hours for them to thaw out. Now when I say low temperatures I am talking about the kind of water that gives you a near permanent ice cream headache. 🙂 (32-36° F 1-3° C).

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Techincal Kit Trim Issues

Stick Man Trim

Recently I decided to tackle an issue with my kit that had been bugging me. When trying to maintain a stationary position I would go head down unless I was constantly fining and struggling. With the help of my team I was able to solve this puzzling mystery and move a lot closer to ideal trim. The following is an account of the steps I went through. I hope they can shortcut you to better trim yourself. To qualify what I am talking about I will start off with my stats and gear configuration.

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