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Not Diving Related

Trashing Our Lakes

As a diver and someone who loves the natural landscape, I find it gut wrenching to see the footprint we leave behind on the planet. With all the time I spend on and in the water, it especially hits home when diving. Wanton disregard for the environment has got to stop, lest we leave no future for future generations.

When it comes to diving here in Canada, I am amazed by the beauty and preservation of our wrecks and appalled by the senseless pollution of our lakes and rivers at the same time. Lakes and oceans are not bottomless and rivers not endless, what is put in there will come back to bite us in the ass.

Oil Slick

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Drama for Peregrines

John Millar and Chris Phinney teamed up with the Hamilton Naturalist Club and the Ministry of Natural Resources to band some baby peregrine falcons nesting in Hamilton. Via the live web cam we have watched four eggs hatch over the last few weeks. Two of the young birds failed to make it till banding time and unfortunatly died last week. Continue reading

Diving Is For The Birds?

Or is is divers that are for the birds? Two Liquid Archaeology members will be rappelling down the side of the Steraton hotel in hamilotn to retrieve some peregrine falcon chick for banding. Peregrines are threatened in Ontario and the banding helps to identify and track them. Continue reading