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Shipwrecks 2009 Preview -Welland Ontario

The Liquid Archaeology gang will all be there as members Chris Phinney and Bryan Thomas take to the stage. They will share the history and current condition of the wreck Southern Trail.

A 5 year odyssey in research, interviews and surveying, this wreck still produces surprises. If you think you know this wreck you may be surprised.

Watch the trailer and ask yourself; “A rag trader? The inventor of the pull out sofa? Four guys from Liverpool? What does that have to do with a shipwreck in Canada?”.

Come to Shipwrecks 2009 and find out!

Northern Ontario Alligators

I’d never heard of one either….

On a recent camping trip to Algonquin Park , one rainy afternoon we boarded the van and drove to the Algonquin Logging museum. Walking the trail, admiring an old tree farmer much like the one I had hot wired in my youth, all manners of axs and chainsaw and after seeing the bunkhouse quite thankful  I wasnt a 19th century logger, we rounded a corner by the log dam and perched on the embankment was a paddlewheeler like no other I’d ever seen.

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Sunday at Humber Bay

 Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and the whole Liquid team actually got out to Humber Bay to meet and dive. As the team arrived another group was just leaving and we were able to squeeze into the parking spaces in front of the gate. To our surprise we had our own professional photographer. Warren Lo was on hand shooting “divers” and there we were.

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Still Diving, Keeping Skills Sharp

While none of the team officially have an off season. Things certainly slow down in winter with the holidays, weather issues and equipment maintenance. When we can get in the water, conditions are not always ideal to perform surveys. We end up tweaking gear configurations, trying new toys and all importantly we practice skills and bouyancy.

Humber Jan 08
Photo by Warren Lo

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Southern Trail Unmoored

ST Buoy 
Southern Trail Mooring Buoy

It was a cold and blustery sunday morning, so John Millar and Chris Phinney decided to visit an old friend and take down a project buoy for the season. The trip to the Southern Trail was quick at first with Chris at the helm, the inflatable skimmed over the chop easily. Once out of the Leslie Street Spitt’s lea, the trip slowed down as one meter swells rolled in. Piloting a zig zag course to compensate, the trip was completed without too many spine shattering bumps, taking only a few minutes longer than usual. ST Buoy

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