We use buoys to mark our project locations. Our favorite buoy is the Tideland Signal DM-390 buoy which is large and easily visible in choppy conditions. These buoys are ideal in open water exposed locations as well as swift water conditions. They are virtually indestructible and have an excellent visual profile on the water.

If you see one of our buoys out on the water please respect the marine heritage resource that is located below. There are laws in Ontario to protect our wrecks, for more information please see the Ministry of Culture web site.

We provide floating mooring lines with a spliced eye in the end for vessels to moor temporarily as an alternative to using their anchors which may destroy a wreck.

If you find one of our buoys or have questions about their use or location feel free tous.

Buoys and the maintenance of the mooring system (chains, rope, hardware etc) are very expensive. We do not gain financially for any activities described on this site. Team members fund projects using their own monies.

If you use one of our moorings or find what we do worthwhile and would like to donate equipment, materials (buoys, chain, rope, shackles etc) or support us financially, visit our donations page.