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About Chris Moore

Chris is an avid enthusiastic diver who is interested in photography, video and is our resident sketch artist for surveys.

Northern Ontario Alligators

I’d never heard of one either….

On a recent camping trip to Algonquin Park , one rainy afternoon we boarded the van and drove to the Algonquin Logging museum. Walking the trail, admiring an old tree farmer much like the one I had hot wired in my youth, all manners of axs and chainsaw and after seeing the bunkhouse quite thankful  I wasnt a 19th century logger, we rounded a corner by the log dam and perched on the embankment was a paddlewheeler like no other I’d ever seen.

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Sligo Revisited

November 2007 – Team members of Liquid Archeology helped SOS Toronto with some preparations for a forthcoming survey of the Sligo. As many divers have noted lately, the long time resident of Humber Bay is deteriorating and SOS is planning to re-examine the remains for comparison to previous surveys.

Sligo sternpost

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