Southern Trail Engine Room

Snow Day!

Since I am off today, I thought I would work on some reports for the Ministry. Was processing this footage of the engine room of the Southern Trail and thought that it would be cool to toss it up on the old YouTube.

Please note that this vid is on the official Liquid Archaeology YouTube channel. I’ll be posting LA videos there from now on.

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An IWMS Systems Manager and part time student at McMaster University. Chris is studying anthropology, more specifically archaeology working towards his BA. Chris was formerly a dive shop manager and is factory trained in regulator and equipment service. Chris enjoys research and studying fine details.

5 thoughts on “Southern Trail Engine Room

  1. chris robinson

    Do you have any more recent pictures of the ship before it was sunk? My grandfather was the captain of a ship called southern trail in the 70’s and 80’s. I was wondering if it was the same ship. Thanks.

  2. chris robinson

    I did some research myself and infact it is the one and only. I am seeing if my grandfather has any photos of the southern trail. I have a few myself of when I was a young boy, I have a picutre of the family on the fan tail band me, my grandfather and my uncle in the wheel house

  3. chris robinson

    I would love to know any info that you have about what happened to it and why it got there, I would be very greatful because me and my family had great memories of the ship.

  4. Michelle G

    I have pictures of the Southern Trail when it was docked on the Inter coastal Waterway by Daytona Beach. It was owned at the time by Mr. & Mrs. Castro the people who invented the pull out sofa beds. I have a picture of me in the wheel house and also standing outside disembarking the Southern Trail. I also have pictures of Mrs. Castro and myself sitting inside the main floor area which had a dining area and living room. The 93 foot Southern Trail was bought by the Castro’s in 1951.

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