Southern Trail Buoy Update

Maintenance has been completed on the Southern Trail buoy hardware and its finally ready for deployment.

We will get the new hardware on site as soon as possible.

Check back for updates soon.

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About Chris Phinney

An IWMS Systems Manager and part time student at McMaster University. Chris is studying anthropology, more specifically archaeology working towards his BA. Chris was formerly a dive shop manager and is factory trained in regulator and equipment service. Chris enjoys research and studying fine details.

One thought on “Southern Trail Buoy Update

  1. Brad Hogeterp

    I like what you guys have been up to. Seems like interesting work… and thanks for the wreck specs. I’d love to dive the Southern Trail with my dive buddies at some point. It seems to be a relatively unknown dive site in the Toronto area as most of my group dives Humber Bay West or the Sligo. My assumption is that the shore site is a long hike out on Leslie and that it would be more accessible by charter. Correct?

    If you guys are heading out sometime, I’d love to come along for the dive.


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