2010 Update -Reports and New Searches!

We have been busy over the last few months with project planning and finalizing reports for past licenses. Our Southern Trail interior survey is almost complete and will be up on the web once it has been filed with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

This year we plan to add some geophysical survey work to our schedule and if luck is with us, locate a new wreck to survey and for everyone to enjoy. We have several firm leads on wrecks in the western end of Lake Ontario. With all the shipping and long history of settlement at this end of the lake, there is bound to be some more wrecks worth visiting. The bathymetric studies at this end of the lake are also favourable with over 8km of open water in recreational diving range!


Happy diving, more updates to come soon!

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An IWMS Systems Manager and part time student at McMaster University. Chris is studying anthropology, more specifically archaeology working towards his BA. Chris was formerly a dive shop manager and is factory trained in regulator and equipment service. Chris enjoys research and studying fine details.

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  1. Samuel

    I really enjoy diving especially with my friends. Diving with them make me feel safer because I can pretty much count on them to watch over me. And I feel great to know that there is this diving website thing, I’m looking forward for your updates.

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