Shipwrecks 2009 Preview -Welland Ontario

The Liquid Archaeology gang will all be there as members Chris Phinney and Bryan Thomas take to the stage. They will share the history and current condition of the wreck Southern Trail.

A 5 year odyssey in research, interviews and surveying, this wreck still produces surprises. If you think you know this wreck you may be surprised.

Watch the trailer and ask yourself; “A rag trader? The inventor of the pull out sofa? Four guys from Liverpool? What does that have to do with a shipwreck in Canada?”.

Come to Shipwrecks 2009 and find out!

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About Chris Phinney

An IWMS Systems Manager and part time student at McMaster University. Chris is studying anthropology, more specifically archaeology working towards his BA. Chris was formerly a dive shop manager and is factory trained in regulator and equipment service. Chris enjoys research and studying fine details.