Liquid Boat Damaged :(

The carnage of John's boat.

The carnage of John's boat.

Unfortunatly durring a training operation last weekend, the boat that the team primarily dives from, belonging to John Millar, was damaged beyond repair.

Running out to deep water for a Trimix training dive, paralell to the seas, a rogue wave came out of no where and swamped the boat (or so we thought). It turned out that the wave hit with such force that the wood floor cracked and punctured the hypalon floor which rammed water into the tear and blew out the floor to pontoon seam.

So there we sat with the floor falling out from under us. Luckily for us, the pontoons were intact allowing us to be towed back to shore where we offloaded the gear and recovered the boat.

This will set us back this season as we need a boat to get out to complete our scheduled projects. In the mean time we will be very busy with training and research.


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