Busy Season NAS Training

NAS Sr. Tutor Chris Phinney giving some survey tips

NAS Sr. Tutor Chris Phinney giving some survey tips

 With the loss of our primary boat at the beginning of the season, things have been pretty slow on the project front. We have been mostly diving just for fun and doing research.

 It has been a busy season none the less, with several Liquid members becomming Nautical Archaeology Society instructors for Save Ontario Shipwrecks. Project Co ordinator, Chris Phinney has become the Sr. Tutor (tutor is an instructor) and Bryan Thomas is also a tutor. Putting our hard won experience to good use teaching others how to survey wrecks is very rewarding. Chris has spent the last few months adapting the UK course content to local diving conditions and laws.

 The first SOS NAS course was a roaring success and the new course content was launched in July. Feedback from the students was awesome. There is a write up on the SOScentral.ca site.

 For more information on NAS training in Ontario visit the Save Ontario Shipwrecks web site. For more on the NAS (UK), visit their web site.