Sunday at Humber Bay

 Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and the whole Liquid team actually got out to Humber Bay to meet and dive. As the team arrived another group was just leaving and we were able to squeeze into the parking spaces in front of the gate. To our surprise we had our own professional photographer. Warren Lo was on hand shooting “divers” and there we were.

 As usual much time was spent chatting and getting up to date. Bryan was relegated to surface support since he was not feeling well. Once we got geared up we headed down to the beach. We split into two teams and made a liesurely trip out the end of one of the lines and back. The water was a balmy 36deg with 50’+ visibility making for a great dive.

 Humber May 16 1
Mr. Moore suiting up.

Humber May 16 2
Oren striking a pose.

Humber May 16 4
Chris Phinney relaxing by the pool.

Humber May 16 5
Pre dive team briefing.

Humber May 16 7
Chris M and Oren L after a refreshing dip.

 Humber May 16 8
John M and Chris P debriefing.

Humber May 16 10
Chris Moore asceding in stealth mode.

 So lucky for us, we got some great pictures on a great day. . …. Thanks Warren!

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