DIY Goodman Handle

 A post on my favorite message board, prompted me to write this entry on my home made goodman handle. I own an OMS Phantom, 10W HID light. The light came with a soft goodman handle that the head clips into and it SUCKS! Just look at that flimsy thing.

Soft Goodman Handle 1Soft Goodman Handle 2

  I had several bad experiences with this product. The first was on a river dive with a sport diver buddy of mine, on my request he unclipped my handle / lighthead. Unfortunately the head came out of the snap-in handle and the goodman went down river. So I got a new soft handle and actually tied the head to the handle with some cave line. Then on my GUE dirf course, my instructor told me to get a real goodman handle.

 So I attacked this one “head” on so to speak, and made my own. I picked up some flat aluminum stock, some aluminum tube that felt good in my hand and headed for the shop. I made a prototype that was fairly simple, fixed and used the original clip for the head.

Goodman Prototype

How I made the prototype;

The prototype was made using nothing but a vice and hammer for bending the steel, drill for making the holes an angle grinder with a cutting disc to narrow down the sides where the handle sits.

I used some threaded rod a bit longer than the aluminum tube to secure the handle to the frame.

Used some plastic caps with a hole drilled in the center to position the rod inside the tube. I then filled the tube with hot glue from a glue gun and capped off the other end. Once cured this holds the rod in the center of the tube and you don’t have to do anything silly like bore out an aluminum rod (I just don’t have the tools for that).

Goodman Handle Handle

 While I liked the design on dry land, on a survey dive the head popped out several times. Once at home scratching my head looking at the design I realized that it would be a bit sloppy in warm water with no gloves on.

Home made goodman handle pt. 2 took these problems into consideration;

Changed the hole for the handle to a slot for adjustability.

Used a clamp to secure the head to the handle.

I still have to put some tubular webbing on the clamp but I am very happy with the design.

Goodman Handle 2-1

Goodman HAndle 2-2

Goodman Handle 2-3

Goodman Handle 2-4

Of course as soon as I was finished designing, building, testing, rebuilding and testing again, Chris Moore brought me one he built for me. But I had too much pride in my own design to use his. Thanks anyways Chris. 

 Hopefully this will inspire other Phantom owners to fix their terribly designed goodman handle by throwing that piece of junk out and making something better for nothing more than an hour in the garage.

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An IWMS Systems Manager and part time student at McMaster University. Chris is studying anthropology, more specifically archaeology working towards his BA. Chris was formerly a dive shop manager and is factory trained in regulator and equipment service. Chris enjoys research and studying fine details.

4 thoughts on “DIY Goodman Handle

  1. DeNomad

    I found Liquid Archaeology through a post on the deco stop. I have been pondering the easiest way to make a goodman handle without a garage full of tools. I really like your idea of glueing the ready rod into the tube.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Chris Phinney Post author

    The hot glue really heats up the aluminium and you need something to keep the rod in the center of the tube. I found some plastic caps at Home Depot that I drilled holes in the center of. I put one cap on the end of the handle tube and threaded the rod through the cap. Then filled with hot glue and popped the other cap on while it cooled. Simple by effective 🙂

  3. reece

    Hello, I’ve been looking for a site like yours since last Wednesday. The last place I searched (should be the first) was in Google, using the keywords “hid lighting”. Anyway, it was worth the search because I really like this website and your post regarding DIY Goodman Handle looks very interesting for me. Definitely Stumbled!

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