Trip Report Kingston

Did some great diving last weekend in Kingston.

This was my first trip to the area and well worth the drive. I dove with my buddy Bryan who operates his boat “Shark Bite” as a mobile charter.

Saturday morning we loaded up with divers and gear and headed out. First stop was Northern Tech Diver. Thanks to Tom R for giving me the co-ords for the dock. I dropped off one of my tanks to be filled with nitrox, and we checked out the store while waiting. A few of us made purchaces but 1/2 the boat was filled with dive shop employees so they were not interested.

NTD has very friendly staff and it was nice to finally see the facility and faces I have heard so much about.

On the way out of the shop the guy doing the filling told me that he mixed to the wrong FO2. Instead of waiting I decided to come back later.

Off we went in “Shark Bait” to the dive site. Our first dive of the weekend was the “City of Sheyboygan”. I dove with one of the customers and I feel bad cause I forget his name. What a kewl wreck. One of the top five I have dove in Canada so far. Check out web site for a description and pictures of this awesome wreck.

On the way to our second dive, the boat developed stern drive problems and we had to divert to the marina. By the time we got there the boat could only idle in gear. Was not too long though and there was a marine mechanic right there when we pulled in.

The mechanic looked at the boat while we unloaded, and it was bad news. No more boat for the weekend. Needless to say we were all disapointed, especially the captain, since no boat means no income, and he was not happy about our inconvenience as well.

Earlier in the morning we met some divers from Quebec in a nice big dive boat with a drop gate in the front. While sitting around sniffleing over our dive weekend, Bryan went over and talked to them as they pulled into port. Our luck turned around when they invited Bryan and myself and all of the other customers to come out with him on Sunday. Everyone was happy to be able to get some dives in since we drove all that way.

We went for some Chineese buffet for dinner and told some war stories. The crew and I slept on the boat that night but on the trailer in the parking lot. Which sucks as I love to sleep on a boat when it is gently rocking me to dreamland.

In the morning I drove over to NTD @ 8:00am and retrieved my tank. Finally met Tom R and some other staff. Tom was in the process of helping me get a cable to get a look at my dive computer. Went into error mode on the last dive because I rose above my celing for 1.5 seconds when a wave came along. Realizing I had to get a move on I thanked Tom and decided to dive in guage mode and whip out the tables. (it is good any time you get to practice your tables right!)

We met up with Jean-Michael and his crew and got our gear stowed. They are preparing for a big dive on the Emperess in a few weeks and wanted to practice some penetration. So we ended up at the Wolfe Islander II.

I paired up with my long time dive companion Bryan for this one. Had a great dive and got to do a first. surface while at depth. There is a room with an air pocket (no breathing please!) so we chatted through our regs for a few seconds. Fun stuff. Got to see the rest of the funky things on the wreck and at the ascent line I handed Bryan off to the tech dive group as he was diving dbls and I was not. I went up the line with the rest of the crew and let the waves rock me to sleep at my 20′ stop. On the surface I ended up with a 55 minute dive, and a great time.

My buddy ended up doing 88 min. He had quite a deco obligation and I think he spent 20 mins on the line. Good thing for him the water was toasty.

The Wolfe was good except near the bow where someone took off their fins, let their air out and walked around on the silt. I am not sure the purpose of this but people were pissed! I am glad I got most of my dive in before this guy came along. That is just wrong.

We headed in for lunch and changed out our tanks. After lunch we did the Ottawa and the Effie May. Kind of a let down compared to the other dives of the weekend but quite neat anyway.

We got back to the dock in record time (this boat was fast… probably about 40-50 knots). Said goodbye to our new french friends and packed up.

About 1/2 hour out of Kingston we blew a trailer tire on the boat trailer. Like a Nascar pit crew we had that puppy changed out in no time. Dropped the boat off in Trenton. Headed back to Barampton to drop off the boat crew and then I headed to Port Dover.

Even though we had a few problems it turned out to be a great weekend for diving. I was a little too tired to type yesterday but after a good nights sleep last night I am ok.

Can’t wait to get back to Kingston and see some more wrecks!

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