Smurf Gloves -Where to Get Replacements (Canada)

“Smurf Gloves” are those nice PVC gloves that most dry glove rings come with. Named such due to their blue, smurf like colour. The glove themselves are great. They are made for the commercial fishing industry (can be seen often on Deadliest Catch) and are designed to stay supple in freezing conditions while maintaining their abrasion and puncture resistance. Over all the best product for our application. However, there is a draw back. The price.

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Spoon Theft

I am sorry to report that the “spoon” artifact has been removed from the wreck of the Rothesay, near Prescott Ontario.

Thankfully this archaeological treasure was thoroughly documented by NAS students last fall. Hope is held that the looters will see the errors of their ways and the spoon will be put back where it was found.

The historic Rothesay spoon as documented last fall.

2010 Update -Reports and New Searches!

We have been busy over the last few months with project planning and finalizing reports for past licenses. Our Southern Trail interior survey is almost complete and will be up on the web once it has been filed with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

This year we plan to add some geophysical survey work to our schedule and if luck is with us, locate a new wreck to survey and for everyone to enjoy. We have several firm leads on wrecks in the western end of Lake Ontario. With all the shipping and long history of settlement at this end of the lake, there is bound to be some more wrecks worth visiting. The bathymetric studies at this end of the lake are also favourable with over 8km of open water in recreational diving range!

Happy diving, more updates to come soon!

NAS Intro and Part 1 Brockville 2009

 Some video from a Nautical Archaeology Society; Intro and Part 1 to Underwater and Foreshore Archaeology Class. Presented by Save Ontario Shipwrecks in Brockville, Ontario -2009. Bryan Thomas and Chris Phinney were the instructors. This was our first class with all GUE trained doubles divers.